Become a Co-streamer


Last updated July 29, 2020

  1. Co-streamer is a person or an entity that is approved by Capcom U.S.A., Inc. to record, reproduce, host, cache, display, perform, distribute, broadcast, transmit, and stream on Co-streamer’s Twitch, Facebook, and/or YouTube channel, a Capcom broadcast available on Capcom Fighters channels and and and Street Fighter channels and (the “CAPCOM Stream”), overlaid with Co-streamer’s commentary and video (“Co-stream”), subject to and conditioned upon the terms and conditions of these Official Capcom Co-streamer Guidelines and the co-streaming guidelines provided by Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. In the event that the quality, appearance or style of the Co-stream ceases to be acceptable to Capcom, Capcom will have the right, in its sole discretion, to withdraw Co-streamer’s approval.
  2. Application to the Official Capcom Co-Stream program does not guarantee acceptance by Capcom Participation as an Official Capcom Co-Streamer is subject to approval by Capcom.
  3. Co-streamer must co-stream the entirety of the CAPCOM Stream which they have been authorized to broadcast.
  4. Capcom may record, reproduce, host, cache, display, perform, distribute, broadcast, transmit and stream any part of the Co-stream for the advertising and promotion of Capcom, the Capcom Pro Tour and Capcom games.
  5. Co-streamer must keep the Co-stream free of any overlay on top of the CAPCOM Stream, including, but not limited to, overlay graphics or text on top of the feed, such as displaying advertisements during breaks or commercials.
  6. Co-streamer may place advertisements, graphics, and texts in the Co-stream that do not overlay on top of the CAPCOM Stream. Co-streamer may not sell advertising or sponsorship in connection with the following categories: pornography, tobacco, vaping (e-cigarette), firearms, drugs, alcoholic beverages, political advertising, and gambling. Further, Co-streamer shall use reasonable efforts to comply with the online advertising guidelines promulgated by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.
  7. The Co-stream may not be disparaging, defamatory, or harmful in any way to the Capcom Stream, Capcom, the Capcom Pro Tour, or Capcom games; and will not interfere with or detract from the public image of the CAPCOM Stream, Capcom, the Capcom Pro Tour, or Capcom games. Co-streamer must refrain from advertising or mentioning non-Capcom games.
  8. Co-streamer is required to place an Official Capcom Co-Streamer Logo (the “Logo”) on the Co-stream, where such Logo is clearly visible. Capcom will provide such Logo to Co-streamer. In addition, the following requirements shall apply to such Logo:
    1. The Logo should only be used with a transparent background and cannot be manipulated in any way; stretched, skewed, rotated, or color varied. Co-streamer agrees to seek Capcom’s prior written approval in case of any required alteration;
    2. The Logo should be easily readable against the Co-stream background and avoid busy, high-contrast, and patterned backgrounds; and
    3. The Logo should have blank, padded space around it, a minimum to half the height of the Logo as applied to the overlay.
  9. Co-streamer may not perform “Raids,” such as encouraging viewers to watch a non-CAPCOM Stream until the end of the Capcom broadcast event or CAPCOM Stream.
  10. Co-streamer must report the following Co-stream viewership KPI and Logo compliance to Capcom, within two (2) business days of the Co-stream. KPIs should uploaded to the reporting form.
    1. Number of Unique Viewers;
    2. Number of Max Concurrent Viewers;
    3. Number of Total Viewers; and
    4. Minutes Watched
    5. Screen shot of co-stream featuring Logo placement.
  11. The Co-stream output quality must be set to no less than 720p at 29.97FPS (60FPS preferred).
  12. These Official Capcom Co-streamer Guidelines are subject to change without prior notice.
  13. Both parties are, and will remain at all times, independent contractors, and nothing in these Official Capcom Co-streamer Guidelines will be construed to create an agency, employment, fiduciary, representative or any other relationship between CAPCOM and Co-streamer. The parties understand and agree that neither party has authority to bind the other party in any manner, or enter into any agreement or incur any liability on behalf of the other party.
  14. Subject to Co-streamer’s compliance with these Official Capcom Co-streamer Guidelines, Co-streamer may refer to him/herself or itself and the Co-stream as “CAPCOM Official Co-Streamer or Co-Stream.”