BAM 9 Results: Japan’s RB|Bonchan Wins! Update: Highlights!


BAM 9 Results

Battle Arena Melbourne (BAM) 9, held in Melbourne, Australia from May 12th through 14th, is over and Japan’s RB|Bonchan has taken 1st place! This is Bonchan’s first Premier Event win of the season and his second event win in as many weeks, having taken 1st place at the Ranking Event, The Colosseum, last weekend. Between the two events he has added another 560 points to his leaderboard placement! Korea’s Verloren took 2nd place and Japan’s GRPT|Fuudo, who continues to have an outstanding year, took 3rd place. Below are the full BAM 9 results.

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit our videos page, where we will have a playlist for matches from BAM 9!

BAM 9 Results: Top 64

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st RB|Bonchan Nash 400
2nd Verloren Cammy 250
3rd GRPT|Fuudo R.Mika 200
4th ECHO FOX|Tokido Akuma 160
5th RZR|Xian Ibuki 130
5th ZOWIE|Oil King Rashid 130
7th YOUDEAL|Yukadon Ibuki 100
7th Mago Karin 100
9th RZR|Infiltration Karin 70
9th GGP|Kazunoko Cammy 70
9th ZOWIE|GamerBee Necalli 70
9th CO|Dogura Urien 70
13th CO|Go1 Ibuki/Chun-Li 40
13th YBK|Daikoku Go Birdie 40
13th RISE|Marn Ibuki 40
13th PandaTV|Dark Jiewa Ken/Akuma 40
17th Hx CYG BST|Daigo Umehara Guile 20
17th EG|K-Brad Cammy 20
17th 96Cafe|Gondo Birdie 20
17th Darksided|Falco Chun-Li/Ibuki 20
17th E-Go|WildTaiwanese Laura 20
17th Bksama Urien/Dhalsim 20
17th Brandon 20
25th Zed Karin/Necalli 10
25th Travis Styles Balrog 10
25th Dailou 10
25th Saunic Laura 10
25th Darksided|Somniac M.Bison 10
25th AWildLlama M.Bison 10
33rd Carnage Urien 5
33rd Ironsol Zangief 5
33rd Ed Rashid 5
33rd HIN|Dario Rashid 5
33rd TLN|Xiaobao Necalli/Vega 5
33rd Phero Kolin 5
33rd BuckNasty Zangief 5
33rd Spaceghost Guile 5
33rd Yujin A Rashid 5
33rd TwoFiveSeven Guile 5
33rd Dixon Vega 5
33rd WP|Syo Ibuki 5
33rd Darksided|ZG Vega 5
33rd Darksided|Waz 5
49th Zanshin|Tingcos Ibuki 1
49th WP|Caesura Rashid 1
49th OzH|Jarop Chun-Li 1
49th AfterDeath 1
49th Zarzob Cammy 1
49th WP|Bug 1
49th Kim 1
49th A52|Lim 1
49th OMQ|DansenPandae 1
49th Gekikara 1
49th ROF 1
49th BurnoutFighter Dhalsim 1
49th JB Urien 1
49th Luper 1
49th Hayabusa 1

BAM 9 Highlights

Battle Arena Melbourne (BAM) 9 is the first Premier Event to be held in the CPT Asia region, and as expected it attracted many of the best players from across the region to compete. It was Japan’s RB|Bonchan who took 1st place, showing skeptics that Nash can still win one a Premier Event.
Looking at the results above you will see some familiar names that we have written about in previous highlights posts. Japan’s GRPT|Fuudo and ECHO FOX|Tokido as well as Singapore’s RZR|Xian are just a few. Below we will highlight a few matches and standout players from BAM 9.

RZR|Xian vs GRPT|Fuudo in Winners Semi-Finals.

ZOWIE|Oil King

We are only a few months into the 2017 season and one player who has stepped up his game tremendously this year is ZOWIE|Oil King from Taiwan. While Oil King did break into top 16 at Evolution last year (tied for 13th), his other finishes have been 7th or 9th place. This year he has achieved 3rd place at 2 Ranking Events and how has earned 5th here at BAM 9. His Rashid is exciting to watch, making him a crowd favorite as well. If he keeps traveling to events, he has a great chance to qualify for Capcom Cup.

ZOWIE|Oil King vs Mago in Top 8. Oil King gets a 3-0 win against one of Japan’s best players.

Verloren (Korea)

Top level Street Fighter play out of Korea has been dominated by RZR|Infiltration for years now. With Infiltration having a quiet 2017 season so far, Verloren has stepped up to represent Korea in a big way. Verloren has made top 8 in 4 different events so far this season, with 3 of them being Premier Events. He’s having a great year, and may already have enough points to qualify for Capcom Cup 2017 after his 2nd place finish here. He was also within one round of resetting the bracket in Grand Finals against RB|Bonchan not once but twice.

Verloren vs ECHO FOX|Tokido in Losers Semi-Finals.

RB|Bonchan (Japan)

The start of the Street Fighter 5 era in 2016 was a slow one for Bonchan. Despite having attended over a dozen CPT events last year, his highest placement was a 3rd place finish at the EU Regional Finals at Milan Games Week. Last year was also a year where Nash, Bonchan’s main character, was a common sight in professional play. Fast forward to 2017 and things have changed. With this win at BAM 9, Bonchan already has two wins under his belt with plenty of runway left in the season. He’s also seen as the last Nash player standing at top levels. Bonchan proves that despite all of the changes Capcom has made to the character over that period, Nash still has the potential to win. Bonchan won BAM 9 without ever falling from the Winners Bracket, having bested RZR|Infiltration (2-0), YOUDEAL|Yukadon (2-1), Verloren (3-1), GRPT|Fuudo (3-1), and Verloren again in Grand Finals 3-2.

RB|Bonchan vs GRPT|Fuudo in Winners Finals.

With a 1st place finish at the Ranking Event The Colosseum in Italy last week and now with a Premier Event win here at BAM 9, Bonchan has a lot of momentum early in this season. He may have earned enough points to qualify for Capcom Cup 2017 already.

Grand Finals: RB|Bonchan vs Verloren

Verloren was playing from the Losers Bracket, which means that he would have to win two complete sets to take 1st place. It’s a tough hill to climb, and initially it looked as though Verloren was on his way to doing just that. Verloren fought his way to a 2-0 lead and was just one round away from winning the set twice. Bonchan, channeling his main character, Nash, came back from the brink and tenaciously worked his way back, one round at a time. When Bonchan tied it up 2-2 he took a long pause, gathered himself, and claimed victory with a crouching jab. This is Bonchan’s first Premier Event win of the Street Fighter 5 era.

RB|Bonchan vs Verloren in Grand Finals.

Top 5 Moments from BAM 9

Here are some of Capcom’s Top 5 moments from BAM 9!