Online Event: Asia/Oceania One Results: Singapore’s LexC Wins Year’s First Online Event!

Online Event: Asia/Oceania One Results

The first of the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour season’s Online Ranking Events, Asia/Oceania One, took place this weekend on April 29th. LexC from Singapore took 1st place, earning 160 points. Thailand’s MindRPG took 2nd place and earned 100 points and RZR|Gackt, also from Singapore, took 3rd place and earned 70 points. Below you can find the full Online Event: Asia/Oceania One Results!

This Online Ranking Event was the first of many this season, with each region having four Online Ranking Events. Keep an eye on our Schedule page for the next Online Ranking Event for your region and visit the Online Ranking Event Details post and our Rules page for more information.

Here are the top 16 results for the event:

Online Event: Asia/Oceania One Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st LexC Balrog 160
2nd TJ|MindRPG M.Bison/Necalli/Balrog 100
3rd RZR|Gackt Necalli 70
4th IamChuan (Chuan) Guile 40
5th AronManurung Nash 20
5th P2D|striderben Guile 20
7th Leslie M.Bison 10
7th Dixon Vega/M.Bison 10
9th SFHN|Amoni 5
9th ViewSonic FV|NekoXX Cammy 5
9th SKZ Cammy 5
9th toikhongtinai 5
13th ung|Book 1
13th Burung 1
13th Flash (2) 1
13th Thunderbomb Zangief 1